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Digibot - Telegram


  • Market data feeds from Poloniex, Bittrex and Bitfinex with multiple currency functionality
  • Advanced market data features
  • Market cap data
  • DigiStats API integration including difficulty, coin supply, blockcount, network hash rates, number of nodes and more!
  • /bookchart <currency> command which shows a chart of the orderbook for selected currency
  • /fib command that shows 24h fibonacci levels for selected currency
  • Price charting feature with the ability to create 24h 15min charts for any currency supported on Poloniex
  • Added a block explorer feature enabling users to search transaction IDs and addresses on the blockchain
  • Lending rates for any currency supported on Poloniex
  • A /dgbinfo command displaying a list of relevant DigiByte links

    You can now start tipping Digibytes in the Telegram chats.
    /tip @user amount

Usage Tips: 

  • You can add the chat bot directly from your Telegram app by adding @digubot
  • Please do your best not to spam and hence clog up the bot