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  • Decentralized, Open-Source
    DGB v6.14.2 DigiSync
    + SegWit Released!
    DigiByte is a global blockchain helping people to communicate & prosper
    through decentralization, vision, and imagination.
  • Power to
    Connect Anything
    DigiByte is a global cyber security, payments & communications blockchain
    with vision and imagination to shape the future.
  • Contribute Today
    Build Upon The DigiByte Blockchain
    We are looking for DigiByte Ambassadors & Developers across the globe
    who share our vision and imagination for the future.

Welcome to DigiByte

DigiByte (DGB) is a rapidly growing three year old decentralized global blockchain with a focus on cyber security, payments & secure communications.


DigiByte is paving the way in blockchain cybersecurity applications and innovation.


The DigiByte Blockchain is a transparent global ledger used in many industries and applications.


The DigiByte blockchain offers unique properties such as speed, scalability and security to enhance efficiency.

What Is Next For DigiByte

DigiByte Development In Progress

The DigiByte Blockchain, core infrastructure and applications have been under constant development for three years.
  • DigiByte v 6.14.2 (Completed)
    The latest version of the DigiByte core protocol was released in April 2017.
  • DiguSign
    DiguSign it in the blockchain? Several engagements are now underway to begin securing documents in the DigiByte blockchain. More news coming soon.
  • Digi-ID
    Leveraging the DigiByte global blockchain public key infrastructure for identity & authentication applications.
Development Years
v6.14.2 Nodes

DigiByte Applications

Check out some of the most innovative applications built utilizing the DigiByte blockchain below

DigiByte Blockchain Potential

The DigiByte blockchain has the ability to improve, secure and change almost every industry across the globe

Core Protocol

Advanced scalability, speed & multi-algo mining.


Innovative FinTech applications and technology.

Internet of Things

Powering blockchain enabled global IoT devices.


Leading the next wave of Cybersecurity innovation.

Document Validation

Securing & validating blockchain notarized documents.

Trade Finance

Providing trust, transparency and security to global trade.